Void clan of aqworlds that are the most powerfull and loyal warriors and fiends
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 Welcome New Void Members (PLEASE READ)

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Welcome New Void Members (PLEASE READ) Empty
PostSubject: Welcome New Void Members (PLEASE READ)   Welcome New Void Members (PLEASE READ) EmptyTue Nov 16, 2010 5:45 am

Hey there new Void!
You're probably reading this because you're a new member, and I just want to start off saying thank you for joining us. It's a pleasure that you see this clan fit towards your needs, and your suggestions and input is warmly welcomed. Once again, I want to thank you for choosing us. Read below for some full details and tutorials that you need to get started.

1. After you have registered, have a good look around at all of our threads.
2. Then, make sure you sign in to our chat box, a perfect way to talk and interact with the other members of our clan.
If you need a tutorial on how to do the first to steps, click HERE.
3. Not only can you chat, you can also post on threads to get more points! (PLEASE do not spam)
4. Groups- The Void Clan has many different groups to join: (click on them to see details)
~Miltonius Minion
~New Guy
These are the groups so far, but you bet we'll have many more to come! Some of these groups will also go rare-so make sure to get them while you can!
5. If you have any more questions, please look on this FAQ: FAQ
If your question still isn't answered, please contact me (X_me3_x) or Albkid. You can PM both of us.

I will be adding on to this Welcome thread, but for now, thank you for joining!

Our Story

In the beginning of time, there was only darkness. Battles were fought every day and millions of lives were lost. King Alteon and Sepulchure were the most bitter of all enemies, and they would fight each other to the death. Then, one day, the sun struck out from the clouds. And as if everyone suddenly understood, all the weapons were dropped, and the war ended. But then, everyone noticed the sun getting closer and closer, until they realized it wasn’t the sun at all. A loud explosion filled the air as a group of people jumped out of their bright spaceship. Now the people on the ground understood. There was no sun. It was a death trap. And they were the bait.

The elite force of the Death Salvation landed on the ground, shooting at targets, never missing a shot. Not a one bullet flew astray; every single one found it's mark. Alteon’s and Sepulchure’s army were massacred and shred by the atack. Not a single man or woman survived that day. But the Salvation missed one crucial point: the nursery. Only one maid made it through the heavy attacks. 40 babies survived, one for each member of the clan. As the babies grew by care of the hardworking nurse, they became stronger. The nurse was the only mother the babies had, and they loved her more than anyone else. But one day, when the nurse finally grew to old to live, she died peacefully in her sleep. But that was after she told them the stories of the Death Salvation War. The babies, now men, swore revenge on the Salvation. They formed together to make the Void, and began stashing parts. When they finally had all the pieces and weapons, they built thirteen spaceships and headed toward Salvation’s base. Salvation was not prepared for this ambush, and no one was ready when the first bomb was dropped. By the time all thirteen bombs hit, every single Salvation being had died. Not a tear was shed by the attackers, and if you looked closely enough that day, you would’ve seen them singing. The entire brigade was singing a song of victory, and no one, NO ONE, would ever take advantage of them again.

“We are the warriors and the conquerors,
defeaters of all.
We are the victories of the ancients,
and the losses of the living.
We are the miseries of death,
and the melodies of life.
We are the new empire,
standing tall.

We are the one and only,

We are the Void."

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Welcome New Void Members (PLEASE READ)
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