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 December 1st question(more of joke)

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December 1st question(more of joke) Empty
PostSubject: December 1st question(more of joke)   December 1st question(more of joke) EmptyThu Dec 02, 2010 8:40 am

ok so a blong girl gets a new sports car.

And a truck driver motions her to pull over,so she does

He draws a circle and says "dont step out of this circle."

so she stepps in.

the guy turns around and gets a knife and slashes her seats and comes back.

she has a tight grin Twisted Evil

and he says "u think thats funny?" and he goes and pops her tires

he comes back and she is almost laughing

and he says "u think thats funny?"

he goes and gets a hammer and smashes the windows

and he comes back and she is cracking up

the truck driver says "what is so funny i destroyed your car?"

and the bold says"every time you werent looking i stepped out of the circle."
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December 1st question(more of joke)
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