Void clan of aqworlds that are the most powerfull and loyal warriors and fiends
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 Resigning from the Void

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Resigning from the Void Empty
PostSubject: Resigning from the Void   Resigning from the Void EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 12:34 am

Hello Void,
These days, the clan seems almost dead for the fact that no one ever goes on.
I feel like this clan no longer suits me, so I'm moving on to a different one, or no clan at all.
Maybe we could make a new one someday, but for now, see ya everyone. I'm still going on AQW, so I will probably see you guys around.
I am removing myself from the members list.
Thank you and bye-bye,
P.S. If you ever decide to make a new clan, alert me. I will check back on the Void often, I just will not partake in any threads or make a new account.
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Resigning from the Void
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